I am a freelance Spanish and French into English translator with six years of translation experience. My lifelong fascination with languages—on top of my native US English, I have spoken Spanish since early childhood and French since high school—led me to pursue a B.A. in Spanish and French, and later a Master in Translation, focusing on the Spanish>English language pair. I am currently certified by the American Translators Association in both Spanish>English and French>English translation.

In addition to my studies, I have extensive experience studying, living and traveling in both Spanish- and French-speaking countries. I spent two semesters abroad in Paris and Buenos Aires, completed internships at both French and Argentinean organizations, and taught English at a French high school for one year.

I also previously worked as a project coordinator at a translation agency, which helped to familiarize me with both sides of the translation industry.


My rates for translation, editing and subtitling vary depending on each project's scope, nature and timeframe. In general, rates are provided per word for translation, per hour for editing, and per video minute for subtitling.

Please feel free to contact me for a list of my standard rates, or with a document for a project-specific quote.


Can you provide translations into Spanish and French?

No. In general, translators translate only into their native language. This ensures that the translated text sounds as idiomatic and natural as possible.

What services do you provide?

I provide translation, editing and subtitling services from Spanish and French into English. I do not provide interpretation services.

For more information, please visit the Services section.

How quickly can you translate a text?

In general, I translate between 2,000-3,500 words per day. The range may vary based on the complexity of the source text, research, formatting, etc.

P: 1.610.209.6931 E: elizabeth@elizabetheckardt.com