I provide translations from Spanish and French into English, my native language. Only working into my native language ensures that my translations read like originals. I translate documents from all over Europe, Africa, and North and South America—from Canada to Colombia, Mexico to Monaco, Switzerland to Spain.

Please refer to the specializations section below for further details on the types of documents I typically translate.


I also offer editing for Spanish>English and French>English translations completed by others.


I provide both subtitle translations as well as spotting (timing the subtitles to the video). I work with the software Annotation Edit, Subtitle Workshop and Aegisub, as well as clients’ proprietary software. I can provide you with a translated script, a time-coded subtitle file (e.g., .srt), or a video with the subtitles burned in.


I translate documents in a wide range of fields; however, my primary specializations are:

  • Medical: Clinical research documents, consent forms, medical reports, adverse event reports, clinical trial protocols, clinical trial agreements, regulatory correspondence, medical journal articles, back translations, etc.
  • Legal: Contracts, briefs, judgments, legal correspondence, arbitration, leases, vital records, diplomas, etc.
  • Subtitling and spotting: Films, TV shows, advertisements, commentaries, documentaries
  • Arts, culture and film: Film and series treatments, screenplays, art loan agreements, art history, etc.


Can you provide translations into Spanish and French?

No. In general, translators translate only into their native language. This ensures that the translated text sounds as idiomatic and natural as possible.

What services do you provide?

I provide translation, editing and subtitling services from Spanish and French into English. I do not perform interpretation or post-editing (machine translation editing).

How quickly can you translate a text?

In general, I translate between 2,000-3,500 words per day. The range may vary based on the complexity of the source text, research, formatting, etc.